Sunday, January 16, 2011


Today it is "Elk in Numbers." The first photo is from the Oak Creek Wildlife Area on the East side of the Cascade Mountains near Naches. Each winter Washington State Fish and Wildlife put out food for Bighorn Sheep near Clemens Mountain, and for Elk in Oak Creek Canyon on the way to White Pass. I have already covered the Bighorns, so today it is Elk.  The Elk arrive early afternoon -- I think feeding is around 1:30. They get as many as 1500 Elk, so it can be quite a spectacle. I had some close ups but can't seem to find them. The one photo I have is from about 1993 and I recall is when the Elk began heading back up the mountain.

The last two photo were taken around Kendrick Park in the San Francisco Peaks of Northern Arizona (obviously at different times of the year). You can see from the first photo the Elk were very cautious of me. 

In this last photo the Elk started running as soon as they saw me. I have mentioned this before, there is a lot of hunting in Arizona, so the Elk are very difficult to approach here.

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